Brooklyn Weight Loss Program

Be one of the few that not only REACHES their ideal weight, but SUSTAINS their ideal weight! 

Brooklyn Fitness & Nutrition

Weight Loss at Pura Vida Urban Fitness is more than numbers on a scale…

Weight loss is something that you achieve on your way to your ideal health. You won’t always be losing weight, because you will reach a point when you absolutely LOVE the way your body looks and feels. You’ll reach a point when you’re ready to STOP focusing on weight loss and START focusing on foods and activities that bring energy, passion and drive to your every day life.

I’ve helped many clients to understand weight loss and fat loss, and to find control in a previous life marred by unhealthy eating habits.

These clients aren’t people that you’d walk by on the street and think “wow, that person doesn’t have her life together”…

These clients are highly successful people – they have fantastic jobs, they have loving families, they have social lives, they are goal oriented and dynamic just like you. And just like you, they try over and over again to lose weight, but they just can’t seem to get it right and they blame it on their own “lack of willpower” or “lack of self-control”.

It’s NOT a lack of WILLPOWER!..

They beat themselves up and continue their cycle of weight loss and weight gain over and over – UNTIL they reach out and ask for help. When they join the Pura Vida Urban Fitness Weight Loss Program, they are finally given the tools they need to make the changes they want and have the physically fit and healthy feeling bodies they DESERVE to have.

Fat Loss may be your #1 Goal, but you’ll walk away with SO much more…

You may sign up with your #1 priority being to lose weight, but what you’ll walk away from the Pura Vida Urban Fitness program with more energy; greater focus; healthier teeth, skin, hair and nails; better digestion and MORE!

You’ll learn that feeding yourself wholesome, nutritious foods DOES NOT have to be YOU against the WORLD…

You’ll learn ways to simplify the processes of choosing the right foods for you. You’ll learn simple tips to put to use in the grocery store, in the kitchen and even out to lunch, so that healthy eating no longer causes you anxiety, but instead becomes a pleasurable experience.

Your Program is more than the bi-weekly meetings…

The Pura Vida Urban Fitness group meets bi-weekly in the Pura Vida Urban Fitness studio in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. With your participation in the program, you will get daily email access to your coach, the support of your group, fitness guidance, nutritional handouts, an organized progression of tasks to be completed and 2 FREE fitness classes in the studio per month for the duration of this six month program.

Can you see yourself 180 days from now?..

In just 180 days, you are well on your way to – OR AT – your IDEAL WEIGHT! You are HEALTHIER and HAPPIER than you’ve ever been. You are ready to take on new tasks, try new things and LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.

When you sign up in full, you get the first month absolutely FREE (usually 45+tax) and 25% off the cost of the remaining months. That means you get daily email access to your coach, 2 FREE classes a month (value of $40), the support of your group, handouts and supporting materials for only $33.75 a month!

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