Fitness Challenge 2015

Come kick off the fitness challenge at the initial weigh-in on Saturday, January 17th between the hours of 2pm and 4pm.

  • Get focused: check-in weekly with your coach
  • Get fit: attend at least 2 classes a week over the course of 8 weeks
  • Get healthy: follow the nutrition plan

Weigh-out on Saturday, March 14th.

Winner will be determined by the greatest percentage change in body fat and weight.


To be eligible to win you must…

  • Pay the $30 buy-in in full on or before Saturday, January 17th at 4pm
  • Attend the initial fitness assessment on Saturday, January 17th (or schedule an alternate time/day before Saturday, January 17th)
  • Attend an average of 2 classes a week for the duration of the challenge – classes are not included in the buy-in: you can use classes currently on your account or purchase a monthly membership here for $89.
  • Attend the final fitness assessment on Saturday, March 14th (or schedule an alternate time/day before Saturday, March 14th).

Help us keep things running smoothly during the weigh-in - RSVP now!

Questions? Email Morgan at

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