Bridal Fitness Plan

Download the Pura Vida Urban Bridal Fitness Plan and get unlimited email support anywhere in the world. No hassle, no risk, just buy the plan below and receive a download link to your email immediately.

The Pura Vida Urban Fitness 6 Week Bridal Bootcamp fitness plan is the easiest, fastest way to get in shape in time for your wedding. You can do all of these workouts on your own at home or at the gym with your personal trainer. This wedding fitness plan includes 6 weeks of hard-hitting diet and exercise advice that will help you lose weight and feel great–this is not an unhealthy crash diet plan. This fitness plan will help you lose weight the healthy way and the information in it can be used time-and-time again to keep you looking stunning and fit.

Just $19.99 gets you:

The complete 6 week bridal fitness plan


Unlimited support from certified personal trainers at Pura Vida Urban Fitness


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