Winter Nutrition Solution: Warm-up those veggies!

It’s suddenly winter and a nice cold, crisp salad no longer seems so appetizing. But how are you going to get all those wonderful nutrients from eating vegetables while still fulfilling your winter craving for something warm and hearty?

Tara Parker-Pope blogs for the New York Times “Well” health section. She has some fantastic solutions for winter vegetable eating. Specifically, she got in touch with Martha Rose Shulman. Shulman has dedicated over 30 years to exploring healthy cooking. Her ultimate intention is to create easily adaptable meals that are FUN to cook (and that make you feel GREAT).

I am no whiz in the kitchen (yes, I often burn the rice), so if I can make it, it’s easy (and you’ll have no problem with it). I had brussels sprouts, beans, lemons and quinoa in the house, so I went with this Shulman recipe from Parker-Pope’s blog:  Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts and Red Beans With Lemon and Mustard

How’d it turn out? Not too shabby… I don’t own a wok so perhaps I would get a different flavor with one, but honestly, I’m not enough of foodie to know the difference (or miss the flavor achieved by cooking in a wok). So the final verdict? Worth a try for sure!

Check out Martha Rose Shulman’s website. What did you think? How are your cooking skills? Did you make changes you made to the recipe? Loved it? Hated it? Leave a comment and let us know…

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