why you should care about resting heart rate…

One of the goals for the instructors of the Brooklyn Bootcamps at Pura Vida Urban Fitness is to get your heart rate up and going. Why? Your heart is a muscle and each time your heart pumps it sends oxygen rich blood to your body. Like any other muscle, with a healthy amount of good stress or demand placed upon the heart, it becomes more efficient. With every beat you are able to move greater amounts of blood. And that becomes true of whether you are exercising or not – your heart rate will actually decrease during resting as you get in better shape.

Why should you care about heart rate? Heart rate can be an indicator of risk for cardiovascular disease. The accepted norm for resting heart rate is 60 to 100 beats per minute. Although recent studies have shown that for every ten beats over 80, your chances of becoming obese, developing diabetes, and having heart cardiovascular related illnesses.

Use your heart rate as a motivator… so maybe you still don’t care that much about resting heart rate, but think of it this way – the lower your resting heart rate, the more effiecient your body will be, the more efficient your body, the easier time you’ll have doing everyday things that place stress upon your system – aka climbing those stairs from the subway, walking up to your 4th floor apartment, running after the UPS truck when you’ve just missed the buzzer and it’s the last attempt delivery. So take your resting heart rate (ideally by measuring the number of beats in one minute on three consecutive mornings before you get out of bed and taking the average – although if this isn’t possible – or you forget – just sit for a while before taking the number of beats for one minute). AND Get moving! Exercise. Go to a bootcamp regularly, go for jog, go for a swim. Take your resting heart rate again in about a month. You’ll feel better and you’ll KNOW your efforts are working.

If you’ve tried this and you’d like to let us know how it went for you, leave a comment!


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