Vinyasa Yoga – Why You Should Try It

If you’re thinking about making yoga a part of your life, a good place to start is at Pura Vida Urban Fitness, where you can join one of several classes in Vinyasa Yoga meeting every week.

Vinyasa Yoga is a modern form of classical Indian Yoga that stresses the alignment of movement with breathing. This form of yoga is also known as flow yoga because of the way poses run together smoothly, almost like a dance. Each movement takes place on either an inhalation or exhalation. Vinyasa has room for variety but usually does include a sun salutation and three basic movements: plank, chaturanga and upward facing dog.

If you’ve been hesitant about taking a yoga class for fear it’s too complicated or difficult, Vinyasa Yoga is great for beginners because you can move at your own pace while challenging yourself. Vinyasa Yoga offers benefits for both the mind and body. Working up a good sweat releases toxins while re-energizing your body. The synchronized breathing can relax the mind as well as release any blockage of energy flow through the body. The steady cycle of inhaling and exhaling helps to achieve inner calm and mental focus, making Vinyasa Yoga ideal for unwinding from the daily stresses of big city life. Vinyasa Yoga can also improve your concentration by requiring your mind to stay focused in the present as you move from one pose to another.

If you’re ready to start enjoying the mental and physical benefits of Vinyasa Yoga, Pura Vida Urban Fitness offers several classes each week, and your first is just $10. Spring is a great time to start something new, so make Vinyasa Yoga a part of your life at Pura Vida Urban Fitness!

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