A Few Types of Yoga

There are numerous varieties of yoga, with each having its own benefits and advantages. No one style is perfect for every body, but at least one of them should be right for you. For a quick introduction, here’s a look at some popular types of yoga.


If you like your exercise routines fast and strenuous, Ashtanga is for you. This type of yoga involves moving rapidly through six established and challenging poses with each inhale and exhale. This taxing style requires that the poses be mastered before your first class, so it’s not for beginners. Ashtanga is more for type-A personalities who love to move quickly and need ways to relieve stress. It’s also excellent for weight loss and building strength. Celeb adherents include Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.


For those who like it hot, Bikram involves going through a series of 26 basic yoga poses, each performed twice, in a sauna-like room that is heated up to nearly 105 degrees with 40% humidity. Not surprisingly, Bikram burns calories, as much as 600 in just one class. You also build stamina—and a tolerance for heat. The steamy air increases flexibility, but can also make you woozy. Bikram is a favorite with hardcore jocks who love to sweat.


This classic style encompasses many types of modern yoga. Hatha was originally intended to prepare the body for meditation, which is probably why it’s so great for calming and de-stressing. This basic and classical approach to the breathing exercises and postures of yoga is suitable for just about everyone, since you can choose your own pace.

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