More Types of Yoga

Today we’ll look at a few more popular styles of yoga that show how varied and versatile this ancient practice can be. There’s truly a type of yoga for everyone!

Power Yoga

If you think that yoga can’t sweat off the pounds and shape up your body like aerobic exercise can, one session of power yoga will change your mind! This more athletic style of yoga was adapted from the traditional ashtanga system during the aerobic-crazed 80s and will make you burn, baby, burn—calories, that is. The active movements of power yoga will kick up your metabolism by working every muscle in your body. This style of yoga is great for those who enjoy working up a good sweat but it also has mental benefits. For increased flexibility and strength as well as a calorie-busting workout, power yoga is tops.

Prenatal Yoga

Not every type of exercise routine is safe or beneficial for moms-to-be, but prenatal yoga is ideal for staying in shape through your pregnancy and afterwards. Prenatal yoga is tailored to help women keep their muscles strong for easier delivery as well as helping to ward off the aches, pains and swelling of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is a must for women who plan to have a drug-free delivery because it can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for a faster and easier labor.

Restorative Yoga

If you’re recovering from an injury, restorative yoga can help by directing blood flow to injured areas without strain. This most relaxing form of yoga lets you spend as much as 20 minutes each in four or five simple poses with modifications for injuries. Restorative yoga gives your body total relief from stress so you can achieve total relaxation.

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