What is TRX?

Many gyms and fitness studios have started offering classes mysteriously called TRX. You’ve probably seen people working out using “strappy things” attached to a door or hanging from the ceiling. Maybe you’ve heard somewhere that celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, and NFL star quarterback Drew Brees love it. Maybe you’ve even seen mentions of it in Shape, Vogue, or the Wall Street Journal. Needless to say, it’s popularity has grown in the fitness world over the last few years. So what exactly is it, and how does it work?

trx classes prospect heights

TRX was invented by a former Navy SEAL named Randy Hetrick. It’s a highly portable training system, one designed to be taken almost anywhere for an effective total body workout. It uses a suspended bodyweight trainer, which, simply put, is a long, heavy-duty nylon strap with two handles that can be anchored either indoor or outdoor. No weights or benches required. You can order the equipment through the official website.

What are the benefits?

For starters, it’s essentially one piece of equipment that puts hundreds of exercises within your reach. You can control the difficulty level for most of them by simply adjusting your body’s position, meaning that anyone of any fitness level can use it advantageously. You don’t have to be an elite athlete nor do you have to be a beginner. Unlike exercise machines, this system leverages gravity and body weight, a combination that helps focus and tone your core while simultaneously powering up other muscles.

There are plenty of good TRX videos on YouTube that can give you a visual, but for starter’s, here’s one:


Classes are especially great for beginners, since the instructor is there to help correct your form and demonstrate new exercises. Not to mention egg you on.

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