Brooklyn Personal Trainer: “the best exercise is the kind you do”…

With Brooklyn Personal Trainer we’ll be giving you our best one-on-one exercise and wellness advice and ideas. Brooklyn Personal Trainer articles are meant to get you thinking, get you inspired, get you moving. If you’re in the area, come in and visit us in Prospect Heights – Pura Vida Urban Fitness: 184 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Try an intro-package for only $33 per session + tax (for 3 sessions).


One of the most wonderful things about opening Pura Vida Urban Fitness is that it has already given me the opportunity to meet a ton of people all with different ideas about healthy living, nutrition and fitness. Julia F. came to bootcamp this morning and she shared with me an idea that she had picked up from a New York Times article that was published in April. She said, “the best exercise is the kind you do”.

And that’s what we’re trying to share with you at Pura Vida Urban Fitness. We want you to come in and take classes, try out personal training and small groups, and most importantly we want you to move and feel inspired to do. As fitness professionals we’re happy to provide you with measures of accountability. We firmly believe that once you make the time to engage in a fitness routine that you will literally FEEL a difference. It will make you mentally and physically happier.

The key is to get from that state of not doing to a state of doing. That’s the most difficult part – the good news is that we want to be here for you 100% – we want to see you succeed.

Take that first step – come in and DO. Try a fitness or yoga class (your first one is free), get a fitness assessment done (also free!) or sign up for an intro to personal training package (3 sessions for $99+tax).



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