November Fitness Challenge

You’ll probably end up eating half your kids’ candy from Halloween, fully taking advantage of your pants with the stretchy waistband on Thanksgiving, and snacking your way through an endless number of Christmas parties.

“Although the average gain is only one pound, people who are already overweight tend to gain a lot more. One study found that overweight people gained five pounds or more during the holidays…” – New York Times

Before you know it it’s January and you are desperately resolved to get to the gym everyday just to get yourself back to the place you were before the Holidays.

“weight gain in the fall and winter probably contributes to the increase in body weight that frequently occurs during adulthood…” – New England Journal of Medicine

That means you’re adding – and keepingĀ - a pound or two every year!

Jumpstart your fitness before the Holiday season begins. Join the November Fitness Challenge…

Your goal is to lose 3% of your body weight in 3 weeks.

How it works…

  1. Weigh-in on November 1st between 8am and 6pm and contribute $30 cash to the pot
  2. Get moving from November 1st through November 22nd
  3. Weigh-out on November 22nd between 8am and 6pm and split the pot with everyone who accomplished #3in3


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