NEW Class! Try it out – Cost by Donation on Saturday, Jan 21st at 3:30pm

We’re super excited to announce the addition of a brand new class to the Pura Vida Urban schedule. Starting January 21st, we’ll be adding Functional Movement. This class is great for athletes in training (You know that being limber is good for you. You know you should be more flexible. But you don’t know why and you don’t have the patience to make it through an entire yoga class), as well as people with poor posture (You have tight hamstrings, a tight chest and tight shoulders from sitting at work all day).

So what is Functional Movement?

Functional Movement is the ability of the body to most efficiently and effectively generate force with the most ease of movement. Functional Movement will help you to develop Optimal Alignment, which will in turn, help you to create greater power and efficiency in your movements.

What is Optimal Alignment?

Optimal Alignment is the body posture that best facilitates Functional Movement. It is the upright and balanced posture that can help you carry your groceries up to the 4th floor with the most ease or stay injury free in the 4th quarter of your weekend Hockey game when you’re feeling slightly fatigued. Optimal Alignment depends on the dichotomy of stability and mobility. In some joints we seek stability (in the toes, in the knee, in the lumbar spine, in the scapula, in the elbow) and in others we seek mobility (in the ankle, in the hip, in the thoracic spine, in the shoulder).

How do I achieve Optimal Alignment?

Functional Movement will bring you through a series of carefully chosen exercises to warm your muscles, and then dynamically and statically stretch and strengthen. Every individual is unique so the class will be divided so that you can focus on those areas most pertinent to your goals. You will develop a more open and confident posture, release fascia from entanglements and knots, and build necessary core strength. You will gain mobility where you most need mobility and stability where you most need stability.

The first Functional Movement class will be cost by donation with a $5 minimum. Class runs from 3:30pm to 4:30pm on Saturdays.

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