Motivated Monday: light-up your chest muscles with a little advice from Tom Edison

It’s Monday, so of course, that means it’s “time to be the best!”. Todays Motivated Monday comes from Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison – inventor of both the lightbulb AND the phonograph.

“I failed my way to success” – Thomas Edison

Next time you’re in a Brooklyn Bootcamp Fitness Class remember that failure is part of the learning process. When you fail to do a rep with proper form and a coach corrects you, you can then adjust (learn from your failure) and go on to succeed in making the most out of that particular exercise.

However, this part of the process of failing is only the first step. Once you have the first step down – once you’ve made the EFFORT to learn – you must now gain EXPERIENCE. You must push yourself to failure over and over. As your body adapts and becomes stronger, you’ll take longer and longer to reach failure. But eventually, you’ll reach your goal.

Take pushups for example. Let’s say you come in here for the first time and you learn the proper form, but you can only do 5 modified pushups until your arms fail on you. Just because you have the proper form doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly be able to complete 20 full pushups. It may take many sets of failing to get to 20 until you FINALLY reach your goal! You’ll get there, but it takes time. You must literally “fail [your] way to success”.

So, when you aren’t getting the results you want to see, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t on the road to success, it only means that you might need to either 1. try a new approach (correct your form) or 2. give yourself a little more time to adjust (gain experience) and learn (try different methods of getting to your goal – back to our pushups example, maybe you do some chest press exercises or vary your hand placement).

We want to here where you’ve failed, but finally found success… Leave us your story of “failing [your way] to success”…


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