Hydration Challenge

Hydration is a simple way to improve your overall performance during your workouts and over the course of a day in general.

And, if you’re looking to lose weight, hydration is essential – dehydration causes body temperature to decrease and slows metabolism on a cellular level. Fat has insulating properties, so when the body senses a drop in temperature, it 1. is more likely to store fat and 2. less inclined to burn fat (not good if you’re trying to change your body composition).

So here’s the first challenge: If you are a woman, drink at least 2.2L of water for three consecutive days. If you are a man, drink at least 3L of water for three consecutive days. Notice how it makes you feel. Your pee should be a light yellow color. A couple of tips: the easiest thing to do is to either have a water bottle or buy a bottle of water – this way everything is pre-measured for you and you can physically see yourself getting closer to your goal. Also, try getting started right away. Have some water with or after breakfast – saving it all for the last minute might mean you’ll be getting less quality sleep because you’ll be getting up to pee all night.

And here’s the second challenge: If you’re active and you have the means to weigh yourself before and after a workout – do it. Take the amount of weight you lost and add to your goal number another 20-24 ozs per lb lost.

We want to know how this went for you. Leave us a quick comment!


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