group nutrition coaching… 1st month free!

You could probably tell me RIGHT NOW, without any coaching or research of any sort, three things that would make you happier and healthier.


Nutrition Coaching provides you not only with a greater knowledge base, but also with the accountability measures you need in order to set and achieve your health goals.

Group Nutrition Coaching will work best for you if you are looking for a extra support surrounding your nutrition, wellness and health.

Group Nutrition Coaching can help you achieve and sustain your ideal weight if that is your goal, but it can also help you fine tune your athletic performance or just have more energy overall. You are unique – while you might not have the same goals as your fellow group members, you will find that you are helped in figuring out and taking personal responsibility for the steps needed to reach your goals. Group Nutrition Coaching is lead by one of Pura Vida Urban Fitness’s Certified Health Coaches. The focus of group nutrition coaching is to help you make sustainable changes in your nutrition habits that will lead to more energy, fewer cravings, better digestion, healthier teeth/skin/hair/nails, and more.

What is Group Nutrition Coaching?

Group Nutrition Coaching consists of bi-weekly group meet-ups. During sessions we’ll share strategies to help you eat healthier, as a well as set realistic and achievable goals to help move you toward your ideal vision of health.

Your first month includes two FREE nutrition meet-ups, 2 FREE classes (choose from any class on the regular schedule), and all the FREE tips, handouts, and supporting material you’ll need to get started.

After your first month you can decide whether you’d like to continue by making an additional 3 or 5 month commitment to the nutrition coaching group. The regular cost is $45+tax per month. Have a friend that you’d like to bring along? Take 10% off per month per person for your referral (or referrals)! Referral or not, you get a one time 15% discount to use toward any class package (good for up to six months from your start date).


Saturdays from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.


The Pura Vida Urban Fitness Studio at 184 Underhill Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

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