get the most out of your movement

People often do movements without getting the most out of them. When you’re working out you are doing so with a purpose – you have a goal in mind, you want to get stronger or leaner or faster. So it makes sense that you would want to get the most out of every rep that you take – you want your workout to be both EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE.

So next time you go into the gym (or come to a fitness bootcamp at Pura Vida Urban!) don’t just go through the motions. Every movement we do at Pura Vida Urban fitness bootcamp has a purpose – when you move with a purpose, you get the most out of your time, you get the most out of your workout.

Think of each rep, and each set in turn, as being smaller steps toward a greater goal. Focus on performing each and every motion with impeccable form.

What does it mean to have great form? Here’s three tips:

1. Great shooters in basketball shoot the same way EVERY time. They are successful because they are masters of their form. When doing a repetitive motion like burpees, you want to use correct form and repeat that correct form over and over. When you get tired you may find that you tend to stop focusing on form – this is what happens to average shooters at the end of the game (or great shooters who are out of shape). Their form suffers and they miss shots. Where your situation differs from the basketball player in the forth quarter is that when your form suffers, you can try out a modified version of the exercise and keep pushing on.

2. Perform each and every rep within its entire range of motion (that’s the entire length of the desired motion). For example, when performing a TRX bicep curl (unless you have a specific purpose in working within a contracted range of motion or working isometrically), people are often tempted to not fully lengthen the muscle during the eccentric phase (the part of the bicep curl where you’re moving your body away from the TRX anchor point by extending your arm). For optimal strength, you would fully straighten the arm (mind you, not to a locked out position/hyperextension, but to the very last point where your bicep is still engaged).

3. A sprinter doesn’t stop running full speed until AFTER she hits the finish line. Do your workouts with that same mentality. Whether it’s cardiovascular training or weight training, don’t stop until AFTER you hit the finish line – this could mean throwing some sprints in at the end of a workout or just making sure you complete all the prescribed reps (or go up until the last second if you’re going for time)

Use these tips during your next workout to get the most out of your movement. You’ll find that you move toward your fitness goals a little faster when you focus on making each rep the best it can be.

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