Get Great Abs Fast with These Exercises

Swimsuit season is right around the corner, so now’s the time to start working on your bikini body, especially your abs. Here are four flab-fighting moves from celebrity fitness trainer Astrid McGuire that will give you a flat tummy in a flash! Work those abs!

Bend and Snap

While standing with feet at least hip-width apart, hold a five- to fifteen pound weight in each hand. Turn both feet 45 degrees to the left and stick out your right hip. With your right hand, do a biceps curl. Keep the weight at shoulder height with left arm hanging straight. Stretch left hand to left ankle while extending right weight toward ceiling. After doing 15 reps, switch sides.

Figure Eight

Sit on floor with knees bent and grip the weight with both hands. With legs straight, lift feet a foot off floor and lean torso back to make a “V” shape. Raise left leg and pass weight around outer leg and back to the center, then repeat with right leg to make a figure eight movement. Do 25 reps.


Sit on the floor balance on left knee and forearm. Feet should be stacked together and slightly off floor with right arm extended toward ceiling. Crunch straightened legs and right arm until they almost touch. After 10-25 reps, switch sides. Repeat with left side. Do 25 reps.

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