Fitness is Contagious!

Cold and flu season is here – we’re adding a little extra Tea Tree Oil to our mat disinfectant and taking special care to wipe down our TRX handles. The good news – happiness is just as contagious as that cold you’re avoiding (or trying to get rid of). In fact, happiness is more contagious as you don’t even have to be in the same physical space as another person in order to spread happiness. According to Psychologist James Fowler, friends that are as far removed as 3 individuals can impact your happiness (and you theirs) for up to a year.

Fitness releases hormones (such as endorphins and oxytocin) that make you happier and facilitate connection with others. So as you become fitter and happier, you’re effecting your friends’ friends’ friends.

With this ripple effect in mind, we’d like to invite you to invite a friend to workout with you at Pura Vida Urban Fitness. All next week (Monday – 12/12 – through Sunday – 12/18) bring any friend who’s new to the studio and his/her first class is 50% off – that’s $5 for your friend to join you for any fitness bootcamp class, TRX class or yoga class (Thursday night cost by donation excluded).

Your friend can even sign up online. Just have him/her sign up for “My First Class” and use the promo code: imafriend . Share this with as many friends as you’d like – maybe their increased happiness and fitness will even make you a little happier and fitter.

Never been to Pura Vida Urban Fitness but don’t have any friends here (yet)? You can still use the promo code (got to our class schedule, click on the class you’d like to come to, follow the prompts and at checkout use the code imafriend).

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