Exercises for Beginners

What kind of a workout is Zumba? How do I properly perform Warrior 2 pose? What actually happens during a bootcamp?

These are questions many beginners┬áhave when looking at a gym’s class schedule or are taking a class for the first time, and questions sometimes lead to hesitation. Unfamiliarity shouldn’t stand between you and an exercise program you might love.

Here at Pura Vida Urban Fitness we’ve compiled a list of worthwhile YouTube videos we found to serve as helpful visual introductions to many of the different exercise styles you’ll encounter–at our studio and elsewhere. They’ll give you an excellent idea of what each training method is like and has to offer.



Zumba to Shakira’s “Waka Waka.”



A guide to basic Zumba steps.




Yoga for beginners…



and then intermediate-level yoga.




A fifteen-minute beginner’s Pilates class.




A full, sample bootcamp class.


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