Demi Moore to Escape with Yoga Retreat

What’s a woman to do when her ex gets ready to marry a much younger babe who’s already pregnant? If you’re Demi Moore, and have her kind of money, you get away from it all by escaping to India for a yoga retreat.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that actress Demi Moore’s hunky ex-husband Ashton Kutcher was about to tie the knot with the sexy Mila Kunis, the couple is expecting their first child, an event that eluded Moore and Kutcher during their marriage. To avoid all the hoopla and publicity about the ceremony, Moore is planning a relaxing yoga retreat to India.

A source told Radar Online that Moore was still hurt from the divorce and wants to get was far away from the wedding as possible. So what are her plans? “When she gets word, either through mutual friends or (daughter) Rumer, about the exact date, she’s booking a trip to the yogic spiritual center of India, Rishikesh, where she’ll submerge herself in days of waking at 4 a.m., chanting, meditation, yoga by the Ganges River, light eating of only meager portions of vegan foods and dressing in saffron colored robes.”

That’s not all. “She’ll be cut off from all technology including phones, Internet and TV, so she’ll be able to avoid the whole thing.”

As extreme as this sounds, it may be just what Moore needs to get over a bad situation with the soothing benefits of yoga. The stress-relieving powers of yoga are well-known, and having your years-younger ex get married again sounds pretty stressful. Yoga can also lower your blood pressure, which can come in handy when you keep being subjected to tabloid details about the ex’s upcoming wedding and impending fatherhood.

Even if your own stress-inducing problems are less newsworthy, you can still take a cue from Demi Moore and use yoga to get away from it all—at least for an hour at a time. Right now, your first yoga class at Pura Vida Urban Fitness is just $10, which is much less than the price of a trip to India!

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