Check Out Apple’s Favorite Fitness Apps

Spring is here, and if you’re looking for new ways to get into shape for summer, or drop those pounds you packed on during the long cold winter, the Apple App Store has some new fitness apps to help you do it. Here are five to try.


If you If you enjoy finding new workouts, Cody is a combination social network and fitness library that lets users track their progress. This app shows samples of various workouts with text, photos and videos. The app is free, but workout programs for yoga, six-pack abs and Olympic weight lifting are prices separately.


This free app lets iPhone 5S owners use the phone’s M7 motion co-processor to input information on the user’s activity into the Motion Track feature. FitBit also allows users to record food and water consumption as well as sleep info for an all-over fitness profile.


If you’ve working toward a goal of 30 minutes of activity each day, this free app can help you get there. Human automatically records all physical activity, whether strenuous or just moving around, and tell the user when milestones of 30, 60 or 90 minutes a day have been reached.

NFL Play 60

Make fitness more fun with this app that turns your iPhone into a Wii and lets you live out your fantasy of playing in the NFL. When you do any physical activity, your actions will be mirrored by your character within the game. Have fun running around obstacles and collecting coins that can be used to purchase NFL game gear.

The Walk

This app is basically a pedometer, but it spices up your walking workout by making the user the main character in a thriller that involves walking across the United Kingdom to save the world. The more you walk, the closer you come to solving the mystery. This app is $2.99 at the Apple App Store.

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