Brooklyn Nutrition Coach: How a Salad Spinner Changed My Life

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I belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program – basically, you pay up front and take your chances (just as the farmer does) with your harvest. If it’s a good season, you get a ton of fruits and vegetables. If the conditions aren’t great for growing (a pretty rare occurrence), you get less. So far, I’ve definitely received more than enough veggies. But what I found was that I would bring home lettuce and radishes and carrots and bok choy and tons of great stuff. I’d throw everything in the fridge, and because nothing was pre-packaged – and pre-washed – I would forget all about them until the next week when they would be wilted to the point that I would then throw them away to make enough space to put in my next haul.

I tried washing the lettuce by hand and paper toweling each leaf dry (I’d seen my grandmother do this before, but it seemed like a huge waste of paper towels). The effort (not to mention the space required) meant that I gave up on this method quickly. So every week I was throwing away all this wonderful produce – until, I got a new roommate and coincidentally, my new roommate came with a new salad spinner!

It’s amazing. I chop up my veggies, rinse them thoroughly and just keep repeating until the water that comes out is no longer gritty. Even if you don’t belong to a CSA, you can use a salad spinner to save money by buying heads of lettuce instead of pre-washed bags. I highly recommend giving it a try. Now that it’s easier to wash vegetables, I also find that it’s easier to eat them. Which leads me to my final point about how a salad spinner has changed my life – it has set me up to be successful at reaching my goal of eating more vegetables. That’s important, take the steps you need to take (whether it’s a salad spinner or hiring a trainer, or planning your day in advance). In whatever part of your life you wish you could get more out of,  set yourself up for success.

Have experience with a salad spinner, a story to share about success or veggies? How do you set yourself up for success? What works for you? Let us know!

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