Brooklyn Bootcamp Body: The Plank

With Brooklyn Bootcamp Body we’ll be giving you our favorite Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises and Brooklyn Bootcamp exercise combinations. Bootcamp exercises will get you in shape, build strong lean muscle and burn off fat. Best of all Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises can most often be modified to work with any type of fitness equipment that you might have (or not have!). If you’re in the area, come try these exercises in our Brooklyn Bootcamp in Prospect Heights – Pura Vida Urban Fitness: 184 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Your first class is FREE.

Today’s Brooklyn Bootcamp Body exercise:¬†The Plank

The foundation of a plank begins with its isometric form. In other words, you are in a stable position and holding that position. You have enough force against gravity that you aren’t falling to the floor, yet you aren’t producing so much force as to cause upward momentum – you are in equilibrium. To understand why the plank is one of the most functional exercises we do, think of all the things that you do in every day life that require you to maintain stability in your core while moving your limbs: walking, standing while giving a high-five, performing some squat jumps, just to name a few.

Purpose: Develop strong, stable muscles in the core.

The Brooklyn Bootcamp Move:  From a position on your hands and knees, place your hands underneath your shoulders. Your wrists will line up with your shoulders. Step your feet back to create a straight line from the crown of your head through your heels. Think about staying strong through the back and tucking the tailbone/pelvis.

Brooklyn Bootcamp Form Check: Your back should not be “sway” or have an arch. If this happens concentrate on raising the hips and tucking the tailbone under. Likewise, your butt shouldn’t be too far up in the air. Again, tuck the tailbone and focus on creating a straight line from crown to heels.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move easier: Bring your knees to the ground. Create a straight line from your crown to your knees – still tuck the tailbone.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move harder: Add an element of balance. raise your opposite arm and leg. Hold isometrically or alternate sides.

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