Brooklyn Bootcamp Body: Squat/Squat Jump Combination

With Brooklyn Bootcamp Body we’ll be giving you our favorite Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises and Brooklyn Bootcamp exercise combinations. Bootcamp exercises will get you in shape, build strong lean muscle and burn off fat. Best of all Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises can most often be modified to work with any type of fitness equipment that you might have (or not have!). If you’re in the area, come try these exercises in our Brooklyn Bootcamp in Prospect Heights – Pura Vida Urban Fitness: 184 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Your first class is FREE.

Today’s Brooklyn Bootcamp Body exercise: Squat/Squat Jump Combination

In previous posts we discussed both the squat and the squat jump. I highly recommend trying them out individually and making sure that you have proper form before combining the two. Once your’re ready to combine the squat and the squat jump you’ll find that it’s a great exercise to get your legs burning and develop greater cardiovascular capacity.

Purpose: Develop strong, explosive leg muscles. Increase endurance in the legs.

The Brooklyn Bootcamp Move: ┬áDo a full squat. When you come back down for your second squat, power into a squat jump. Land softly in the bottom of a squat position. Stand back up to complete your squat. Repeat. Basically, squat, squat jump, squat, squat jump, squat, squat jump… Start with 30 seconds to a minute.

Brooklyn Bootcamp Form Check: Protect your knee joints – make sure the knees stay behind the plane of the toes. Land softly on the squat jump – absorb the shock by bending your knees and sitting your butt back.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move easier: Change the pace – go slow and steady. Or, do three squats for every squat jump.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move harder: Change the pace – repeat rapidly. Try it on one leg – single leg squat, single leg squat jump…



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