Brooklyn Bootcamp Body: Get Outdoors

With Brooklyn Bootcamp Body we’ll be giving you our favorite Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises and Brooklyn Bootcamp exercise combinations. Bootcamp exercises will get you in shape, build strong lean muscle and burn off fat. Best of all Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises can most often be modified to work with any type of fitness equipment that you might have (or not have!). If you’re in the area, come try these exercises in our Brooklyn Bootcamp in Prospect Heights – Pura Vida Urban Fitness: 184 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Your first class is FREE.

If you are a Prospect Heights resident, you are fortunate enough to have a wealth of outdoor exercise opportunities right here in Brooklyn! Being fit in Brooklyn is easy – we have playgrounds (for doing pull-ups), we have interesting streets (for going jogging), we have Prospect Park!

My advice is this: get up early (even as late as 7am) and get outside. The temperature is perfect for a bike ride, a run, a 5-minute squat series – you name it! If you need motivation, sign up for bootcamp classes. Pura Vida Urban Fitness outdoor bootcamp happens Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6am to 7am (be sure to sign up in advance online) and Tuesday and Thursday, Alex Varga delivers you a kick butt workout right in the Pura Vida Urban Fitness studio from 7am to 8am (you’ll still have time for a quick shower and the train ride to work – which you’ll experience as much less stressful if you get out a little energy in the morning!).


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