Brooklyn Bootcamp Body – The Mountain Climber

With Bootcamp Body we’ll be giving you our favorite Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises and Brooklyn Bootcamp exercise combinations. Bootcamp exercises will get you in shape, build strong lean muscle and burn off fat. Best of all Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises can most often be modified to work with any type of fitness equipment that you might have (or not have!). If you’re in the area, come try these exercises in our Brooklyn Bootcamp ┬áin Prospect Heights – Pura Vida Urban Fitness: 184 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Your first class is FREE.

Today’s Brooklyn Bootcamp Body exercise: The Mountain Climber

Purpose: Improve core strength, build hip-flexor strength, improve cardiovascular function.

The Brooklyn Bootcamp Move: Start in the top of a push-up position (also known as a plank position). One at a time drive your knees toward your chest (so that it’s almost as if you’re running in place). Move your legs as fast as possible. You may want to start off with 20 to 30 second intervals and build towards 45 second to 1 minute intervals.

Brooklyn Bootcamp Form Check: When you get tired, you may find that your rear end tends to rise up in the air and your shoulders tend to creep backwards so that they are no longer positioned over your wrists (aka you are no longer in a plank position). Keep your butt down and your shoulders forward.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move easier – change the angle of your body. If you’re doing this move in a park, you can place your hands on a park bench or step. If you’re doing this move in the house, place your hands on a sturdy chair or a window sill. You can also decrease your pace.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move harder - place your hands on an unstable surface such as on a soccer or basketball. Or, increase your pace.

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