Brooklyn Bootcamp Body – The Body Weight Squat

With Bootcamp Body we’ll be giving you our favorite Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises and Brooklyn Bootcamp exercise combinations. Bootcamp exercises will get you in shape, build strong lean muscle and burn off fat. Best of all Brooklyn Bootcamp exercises can most often be modified to work with any type of fitness equipment that you might have (or not have!). If you’re in the area, come try these exercises in our Brooklyn Bootcamp  in Prospect Heights – Pura Vida Urban Fitness: 184 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY. Your first class is FREE.

Today’s Brooklyn Bootcamp Body exercise: The Body Weight Squat

Purpose: Improve overall leg strength.

The Brooklyn Bootcamp Move: There are many squat variations that can be done – we are going to start here with the most simple squat and introduce you to variations in the near future. Stand with your feet just outside of your hips. Find a comfortable position for your feet somewhere between neutral (straight forward) and turned out (no more than 30 degrees). Place your hands behind your head. Squat down until your thighs are parallel to the ground – KEEP your gaze slightly up to open your chest. Squeeze your glutes to come back to a stand.


Brooklyn Bootcamp Form Check: 1. Protect your knees! Your knees should never go farther forward than your toes. Most of the time when your knees come forward it’s because your body is trying to compensate and avoid working your glutes – really focus on sitting back and squeeze your butt as you stand. 2. Because of muscle imbalances, many people place one foot farther forward than the other – if you’re inside, use a crack in the floor (such as the space between boards on a wooden floor) or a piece of tape to make sure that your feet are evenly aligned; if you’re outside, draw a line on a dirt surface or use a straight crack in the sidewalk. 3. Muscle imbalances can also lead to too much external rotation at the hip or weakness in the adductors, which can place the knee out of alignment – make sure that your knee follows your 2nd and 3rd toes and that your feet are turned out no more than 30 degrees.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move easier – following the form tips above, sit slowly on to a sturdy chair or park bench. Keeping your gaze up, squeeze your glutes to come to a stand. If you have access to an exercise ball, you can modify your squat by placing the ball between you and a wall and following the same instructions as above.

Modifications to make this Brooklyn Bootcamp move harder - use an unstable surface such as a BOSU or half foam roller. Or, add weights (you can hold them at your sides or up at your shoulders – try experimenting with different variations). You might also try changing your tempo – experiment with slow and fast squats.


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