3 Leap Day Plyometric Exercises

My roommate celebrated Leap Day – after all, it happens only once every four years! – by taking jumping photos at GAP. If you’re thinking of taking your own Leap Day photos, here areĀ 3 Leap Day Plyometric Exercises that will make for some great Leap Day pics…

1. The Star Jump – Jump up as high as you possibly can while spreading your arms and legs wide apart. Bring your legs back together to nail the landing.

2. The Rock Star – Jump as high as you can while bending one leg behind you and Tebow-ing (that’s a word, right?) with your head and opposite arm.

3. The Mario – Jump as high as you possibly can while bending one leg (driving the knee forward) and extending the opposite arm – 1-Up!

I know everyone has amazing verticals, but keep that camera low to the ground for added height! Happy Leap Day!

Do you have a favorite leaping exercise? Did you take a few Leap Day photos? We want to hear from you! Comment below…

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