2 Must Try Indoor Summer Fitness Workouts in Brooklyn

Summer in the city is HOT and humid. If you love to workout extra early or get out late, Prospect Park can be a great place to run, jog, bike, etc. But, if you’d rather escape the heat by getting indoors, consider these 2 workout locales. Of course, it goes without saying – the Pura Vida Urban Fitness indoor fitness bootcamps – including lunchtime fitness bootcamp, 7am fitness bootcamp, and 6pm fitness bootcamp – are our favorites! But here are some other workouts we really enjoy…

  • Rock climbing has an addictive quality – you see the top and you NEED to get there. Then you’ll reach the top and all that wonderful dopamine released by your brain in response to reaching your goal will leave you wanting MORE. For indoor rock climbing in Brooklyn, head to Brooklyn Boulders (Degraw between 3rd Ave and 4th Ave, Park Slope). If you don’t know how to climb/belay, we highly recommend taking their learn the ropes class. All of your muscles will be working from your toes to your fingers – you WILL feel it the next day.
  • When it feels a little too hot and humid for a bike ride around the park, indoor cycling is an excellent alternative. For indoor cycling in Brooklyn, try out  Cycle Bar (Garfield and 5th Ave, Park Slope). We’ve read some reports of inconsistency in the teaching style and the price being a bit high – as for the instructors, we had a blast with Quintin and as for the cost, the price for your first class is only $20 – well worth it for the workout you’ll get. The space is clean and well maintained and the staff is extremely welcoming.
Whether you decide to workout indoors our outdoors, make sure you get plenty of fluids. If you have an indoor workout that you absolutely love, let us know! Leave a comment.


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